Beyond The Rim

Session 5: The Defense of New Meen

Kicking astromecs and taking names.

A New Hope and a Couple of Old Blasters
After the attempted drunken speeder jacking the group went on the offensive. They decided to take the fight to Drombb, first by eliminating some of his lackeys. Several of the towns residents gained hope and courage from the groups defiant stand against Drombbs mend and decided to join the cause. It was their town and they wanted a part in taking it back. They were miners however and had very little combat and weapons training. They were given blaster pistols and several hours of training in preparation for the inevitable battles that were to come.
The Empire Angry Henchmen Strike Back
Another small group of Drombb’s men arrived at New Meen searching for their “missing” comrades. They were immediately confronted by the party and their new allies and dispatched in a matter of seconds. As the town residents cheered and celebrated, Drombb became angry and decided to send and all out assault on the town. The group however was waiting on the expected reprisal and when Drombb’s men arrived they were once again beat down into the dirt. Two of his men were captured and gave quickly gave up any information they had on Drombb.
Armed with their new information, heavy blaster rifles and bravado the party led an assault on Drombb’s headquarters, a mile away from the town of New Meen.
Return of the Jedi Smuggler
The party arrived at Drombb’s compound in force and quickly began to fan out and search the buildings. As they approached the cantina one of the party decided he would enter alone.
Resembling a scene from and old Tatooine holovid, Drombb and his two henchmen laughed as a lone human walked into his cantina, weapon in hand. He thought to himself, this arrogant piece of work couldn’t have taken out his men single-handedly. No one knows who shot first, but quickly blaster bolts started flying, a blaster battle erupting. The rest of the group poured into the cantina blasting, kicking punching and spitting on Drombb and his men, who were quickly defeated at the hands of the New Meen avengers.
Drombb surrendered not only his pride and Hutt secrets but most importantly the last of his credits to the group in exchange for his life.
Plots and more plots, oh my!
The group learned that Teemo the Hutt it seems had a strong interest in the mining business and the party managed the put a kink in his plans for now. The group also learned that Teemo had some shady dealings going on with the Genosians however the details were scarce as Angu Drombb’s information mainly came from hearsay and speculation.
Having satisfied thier debt to Bur’a B’an and the Twileks the party decided to head back to town to rest and eventually back to the space port for their fully fueled and repaired ship the Krayt Fang


Experience Awards: 35 each except Eric who received 37xp

Session 5: The Defense of New Meen

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