Angu Drombb

Hired Thug


Angu Drombb was managing a team of 16 thugs
(most of whom were human, though a few were Aqualish).
His goal was to make life so difficult for the Twi’leks
of New Meen that they abandon or sell the settlement.
Once that happened, Teemo plan was to purchase the
land for a bargain price and Drombb and his thugs
would have turned their talents to the distribution of ryll spice.


Drombb is little more than a thug, a heavy
set and squat man with an angry red face and a shock
of fluffy auburn hair. He tries to cultivate sophisticated
airs and habitually wears an expensive suit, but he
is naturally a vulgar man and finds the façade difficult
to maintain.
Drombb was defeated but not killed by the group.

Angu Drombb

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