Sasha is a smuggler of great skill, but has little to no patience. He tries to negotiate but gets bored with the conversations real quickly and usually finds himself resorting to his trusty blaster to resolve the issue.



Soak 4
Wounds 13
Strain 12
Defense 1

Brawn 3
Agility 3
Intellect 2
Cunning 3
Willpower 2
Presence 3

General Skills (+ indicates career skill)
+Astrogation 1g 1y
Athletics 3g
+Charm 2g 1y
Coercion 2g
Computers 2g
+Cool 3y
+Coordination 2g 1y
+Deception 2g 1y
Discipline 2g
Leadership 3g
Mechanics 2g
Medicine 2g
Negotiation 3g
+Perception 2g 1y
+Piloting – Planetary 2g 1y
+Piloting – Space 1g 3y
Resilience 3g
+Skulduggery 2g 1y
+Streetwise 3g
Survival 3g
+Vigilance 2y

Combat Skills
+Brawl 3g
+Gunnery 2g 1y
Melee 3g
+Ranged Light 1g 2y
Ranged Heavy 2g 1y

Knowledge Skills
Core Worlds 2g
Education 2g
Lore 2g
Outer Rim 2g
+Underworld 1g 1y
Xenology 2g

Weapon Skills
Type Dice Damage Crit Range ENC Special
Blaster Pistol 1g 2y 6+ 3 medium 1 Stun
Heavy Blaster Pistol 1g2y 8+ 3 medium 2 Stun
Blaster Rifle 2g1y 10+ 3 long 4 Stun
Heavy blaster Rifle 2g1y 11+ 3 long 6 Auto-fire, cumbersome, pierce 1


1 Stim Patch
1 comlink
1 com link unlocked with imperial frequencies
1 utility belt
1 space suit
1 breath mask
1 backpack
Heavy Clothing
Armored Clothing

Talents and Special Abilities

Scoundrel Tree

Quickdraw (5xp) – Once per round on the Characters turn he may draw or holster an easily accessible weapon as an incidental, not a maneuver. This talent also reduces the time to draw or stow a weapon that usually requires multiple maneuvers to prepare or stow.

Rapid Reaction (5xp) (1) – May suffer a number of strain to add an equal number of Successes to any Vigilance or Cool checks to determine initiative order. The number may not exceed his ranks in Rapid Reaction.

Black Market Contacts (5xp) – When looking to purchase illegal, exotic, or black market goods, the character may decrease an items rarity by one level per rank. For each level an item’s rarity is decreased, it’s cost increases by 50% of its base cost.

Convincing Demeanor (5xp) (1) – Remove one setback die per rank from any Deciet or Skullduggery test.

Quick Strike (10xp) (1) – Add one Boost die per rank of Quick Strike to combat checks against targets that have not reacted yet.

Side Step (15xp) (1) – Once per round, may preform a Side Step maneuver; until next turn, add one setback die to opponent’s ranged combat checks.

Side Step (20xp) (2) – Once per round, may preform a Side Step maneuver; until next turn, add one setback die to opponent’s ranged combat checks.

Pilot Tree (10xp)

Skilled Jockey (5xp) (1) – Remove 1 difficulty die per rank from pilot checks

Galaxy Mapper (5xp) (1) – Remove 1 difficulty die per rank from astrogation checks. Astrogation checks take half normal time.

Let’s Ride (5xp) – Once per round may mount, dismount a vehicle or beast, or enter a cockpit or weapon station as an incidental action.

Rapid Recovery (10xp) – While recovering strain after an encounter recover 1 additional per rank.

Natural Pilot (15xp) – Once per session may re-roll a pilot or gunnery check.
Full Throttle (5xp) – May preform a full throttle action, make a hard piloting check to increase speed by 1 for a number of rounds equal to cunning.

Skilled Jockey (10xp) (2) – Remove 1 difficulty die per rank from pilot checks

Galaxy Mapper (10xp) (2) – Remove 1 difficulty die per rank from astrogation checks. Astrogation checks take half normal time.

Defensive Driving (20xp) (1) – Increase defense of vehicle or starship being piloted by 1 per rank.


Sasha began life as a law abiding freighter pilot, going about his business and learning his trade. His slow decent into the shady side of life began when he fell in love with a girl. How was he to know her father was an officer for the empire and really really protective of his baby girl. After Her father found out Sasha was seeing his daughter, he had charges brought up against Sasha and had him arrested. As Sasha was being transported to a prison planet on the far edge of the system, the transport ship was captured, boarded by agents of the Hutt, and he was conscripted by them as a pilot for the Hutt’s organization.

After flying ships for Teemo the Hutt, Sasha found his chance to escape and bolted. He managed to escape the Hutt’s “employ” and escaped. After meeting a few new friends he ended up on Mos Shutta only to run headlong into issues with both the Empire and his former employer Teemo.

Sasha and his friends managed to escape Mos Shutta by aquiring a used ship the Krayt Fang, unfortunately Trex the Trandoshan, a bounty hunter who formerly was the captain the the Krayt Fang was in the employ to Teemo the Hutt, thus Sasha has gone from the darkness back into the spotlight of Teemo’s attention.

After the acquisition of the Krayt Fang and a small skirmish with some Imperial Tie Fighters Sasha discovered that Trex had a Twi’lek prisoner on board named B’ura B’an. Upon the discovery that the Krayt Fang needed some mechanical repairs and fuel, Sasha decided that returning B’ura B’an to his home world for the offer of assistance in refueling and repairs was the best of choices.

After a quiet flight to Ryloth to return B’ura B’an to his home in New Meen , things picked back up as it became apparent that Teemo the Hutt had his hands in the troubles down planet side. Sasha at once realized things were kinda sketchy in that here he was on a remote world with a broken ship and no supplies to get out of the system, so when the locals asked for help to get out from under the persecution of the thugs that were bullying the town. Sasha didn’t blink twice but whole heartedly decided to help out the locals and thus save his skin by getting them to repair and restock the ship so he could get outta the system after getting them outta the trouble they were in.

A small disagreement with a few ruffians required Sasha to talk them into laying down on the ground and bleeding out, this began a series of events by where Sasha with his great patience in negotiations managed to convince most of the thugs to travel on to the afterlife while the locals learned to stand up like men and defend themselves…

Following an attack on the town of New Meen by a group of Teemo’s ruffians, Sasha displayed either his great negotiation ability or his lack of self control during the interrogation of a pair of prisoners. Sasha’s castrated one of the prisoners with a well placed blaster shot. Prompting his companion to not only spill the truth but also wet his pants. While Sasha was greatly pleased by the information gained in this interrogation, B’ura B’an was not exactly pleased with the bloodshed and violence that Sasha seemed to be bringing to his home.

After taking the fight to the ruffians base, Sasha confronted Drombb the leader of the thugs that were trying to make life miserable for the residents of New Meen. With conviction and an ego much greater than his negotiation ability he boldly entered Drombb’s base and within a few seconds of the confrontation Sasha again found himself with Blasters in hand and the rest of the party rushing in to save the day. After a brief fight, Dromb was captured alive amazingly. Remembering B’ura B’ans displeasure with the pile of corpses that have been piling up, Sasha decided to let Drombb live. After an interrogation of Drombb and the looting of supplies and valuables, Drombb and the remaining survivors of the gang were turned over to the townsfolk of new Meen for justice.

When the dust settled after saving the townsfolk of New Meen from the advances of Teemo the Hutt’s evil plan it became apparent that his schemes were far from squashed.

Sasha and the gang decided to follow the high road and went to the planet Geonosis to see Duke Dimmock. On this trip they picked up a paying passenger Arlo who was taking medical supplies to the Duke.

When Duke Dimmock granted audience Sasha and the gang found out that Teemo the Hutt was not only sticking his nose in places he was not really welcome, but it was believed he was trying to reverse engineer some of the Genosian droids, as a way of increasing his profits, buy undercutting the Genosians. This didn’t settle well with the Duke and for the party’s assistance in gaining the truth of the matter the Duke offered assistance.

While at the Duke Dimmock’s, Sasha met the brother sister pilot team of “The Lucky Guess” a freighter headed for Teemo’s stronghold on Tatooine. With a little charm and seduction, Sasha hooked up with the brother / sister team for a wicked little threesome, and a ride on their craft to Teemo’s. Orpa and Wex flew the group right in to Mos Shutta, and helped the party to gain entrance to Teemo’s compound.

Once safely in the compound, it took seconds to find hard evidence that Teemo the Hutt was trying to reverse engineer the Genosian droids. While Jax was locating the evidence, Sasha tried to talk a security door into opening, and almost got it… But even his convincing demeanor didn’t help and he alerted the security system to a possible intrusion. Jax at that point pulled Sasha away before he could set off the alarm and while trying to show off his “superior skills” promptly turned Sasha’s warning into a full blown alarm.

As soon as the alarm tripped, Jax was able to silence the alarm klaxons but the cat was already out of the bag, and Sasha had to relocate the major portion of a Genosian guard’s head with a well placed rifle shot while the rest of the party took out a second guard coming to check on the alarm. This pushed the party into overdrive and Sasha immediately led them into Teemo’s throne room to confront the fat pig and get it over with.

Upon Entering the room, Sasha and the party got the jump on pretty much everyone except the Hutt…

Teemo, in the famous Hutt fashion sprouted off at the mouth with a small speech and then with wicked fast moves got the drop on Sasha and pulled a blaster and fired first… Truly he fired first… Sasha in his cool style, popped a cap in the Hutt’s direction and… might as well have missed. The shot would have killed the mightiest of man, but just seemed to bouncy off the rippling blubber as Teemo laughed and called out the party.

After a quick skirmish with a few guards, the medic decided to try and shoot the massive light fixture off the ceiling over Teemo’s head. After his miss, Jax (trying to show off some of those superior skills again) decided to follow suit and just winged the fixture. Sasha had to save the day with a magnificent shot that severed the giant chain supporting the massive luminary hanging over the Hutt’s head.

As the fixture crashed down on the Hutt, crushing him like a snail under a stormtroopers boot, the Hutt’s dying reflexes squeezed off a shot, parting Sasha’a hair and almost ending his magnificent career.

Upon the death of the Hutt, everyone surrendered to us giving us control over the stronghold. While the wookiee wanted to keep the place, calmer minds convinced him that a stronghold surrounded by the empire and known to the rest of the Hutt’s was not a good idea, so we looted the place.

With 10k in Hutt trade tokens and 4k in misc goods, Sasha had the bartender droid loot the liquor and took Teemo the Hutt’s favorite dancing girl Arali’Var, a pretty Twi’lek slave girl, back to The Lucky Guess to rejoin Orpa and Wex for a return to Duke Dimmock’s court with evidence of the Hutt’s double dealing.

The return trip to Geonosis was uneventful, well at least as far as confrontations with the empire and the huts were concerned. Sasha continued to “work” on his relationship with Orpa and Wex, and hopefully has built the basis for a lasting “friendship”.

Upon arriving at Geonosis, the group returned to the court of the Duke and after receiving a small scolding for our direct methods. The Duke was surprised at the information we recovered for him and agreed to provide new ship codes and papers for us, as well suggested we return to Ryloth to seek B’ura B’an. The Duke also suggested that he would quietly work to reduce the heat that has been generated in our last actions altho he did suggest we might want to take it easy for a bit and remain in the shadows for a bit.

Sasha had a Bacta tank delivered for installation on board the ship and then after getting the new papers for our ship… “Hal 1300” or Hal for short, we had a little renaming ceremony and headed off to Ryloth to seek out B’ura B’an.

B’ura B’an while glad we were safe was not exactly happy with the way we handled ourselves. Sasha felt like he was being scolded by his father as B’ura B’an expressed his displeasure at the groups violent ways, before finally suggesting we go see a friend of his who might be able to help smooth over the troubles we have caused.

B’ura B’an suggested we head out to “The Wheel” located out on the Perliman Trade route and seek out Reom, of IsoTech. He said Reom has need of some assistance and has the power and contacts to help us get outta some of the trouble were in. He also pointed out that the area is remote enough that we shouldn’t be able to get in much trouble out there.

B’ura B’an was not too far off referring to the trouble we were in, because as soon as we took off, Three starships began an intercept, and started ordering us to return to Ryloth. So Sasha in his great wisdom, punched it!!! As he did so he angled the deflector shields, called out to dolly to bring him a double, and yelled for Chewbrocolli and Arlo to man the laser cannons. The former was smart, the latter resulted in a display of aerial marksmanship that would make an excellent laser light show, but those two boys couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn from within… But Dolly did provide an excellent drink…

Thank god for Sasha’s evasion skills, and his quick plotting of a hyperspace course to get the crew outta there.

As we approached “the wheel” we received docking instructions and no “welcoming” party so we cautiously docked, and Sasha immediately began ordering supplies, fuel, and liquor to replenish the ship. Once those tasks were completed he wanted to start inspecting the ship for any damage that might need to be repaired or worn components that needed to be replaced, but the rest of the guys had looked up Reon, at IsoTech and was in a hurry to go meet with him…

Reluctantly Sasha, ordered the pretty lil Arali’Var and Dolly to keep an eye out and stow the supplies as they were delivered, and joined the group as they headed off to meet Reon.

Reon, it seems is more highly placed than Sasha thought, as he was the president of IsoTech, and he was interested in having us do him a small favor. It seems that 20 years before the ship Sa’Nalanor had disappeared. Over the years it has been hinted at as a separatist treasure ship. The Sa’Nalanor which disappeared without a trace after escaping an emperial trap and blasting off into hyperspace, appears to have launched hyperspace distress beacons, because Reon has recently been delivered one, and would like for us to locate, evaluate, and return any tech or information which we may discover from the coordinates the beacon has carried within it as the last known location for the ship.

He wants us to bring any and all information we discover to his companies salvage facilities on Raxus-Prime. Reon dosen’t believe the treasure ship rumors, but he does believe there is secret technology which was either stored or carried on the ship and he wants it for his company. He wants the tech and is willing to pay us 10k in credits and work or reducing the pressure being applied to find us by both the hutt cartel, and the empire. And he is willing to split any monetary items we locate.

The distress beacon indicates the ship is located on Togana, a wild and isolated place, the home world of the Nexu. So he is sending us with a special droid IT3PO to help locate and identify the wreck and and survivors we may find, as he was Reon’s fathers droid and knew some of the crew on the ship.


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