The Sa Nalaor

Munificent-class star frigate


The Munificent-class frigate is 825 meters in length and has a skeletal look, owing to the fact that these ships required a small crew to operate and are not designed to be carriers. Along the longitudinal spines of the ship run tensor fields and the inertial compensator that help maintain the structural integrity of the vessel.

They have four extensive sensor and communications arrays affixed to the center of the hull in a cross-pattern. Several docking rings were located underneath these and the vertical arrays also had room for several point-defense cannons.


The Sa Nalaor is a Munificent-clas star frigate (better known as the Banking Clan frigate). The ship is named after Sa nalaor, former president of the Hyperbank Conglomerate. He was notorious for using financial or legal finagling for military or tactical gain at the start of the Clone Wars. he was infamous for his tactics, such as repossessing the defense fleet of a remote mining station several weeks into the Clone Wars. A month later, the CIS use exactly the same fleet to invade and take control of the station.

The Sa Nalaor

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