Angu Drombb Communications

Communication about Sivor


“Yes it’s a risky business. I’m amazed Trex managed
to get away with that droid technician
Sivor without causing the whole thing to fall
down on our heads. You never know with kriffing
bugs, with their clades and castes and such.
Annoy the one on top and you lose every other
link in the chain. Start from scratch. I thought
this whole deal was going to fall through when
we lost the support of Duke Piddock, but Dimmock
– he might be the bug for us.”

“Decapitated! Ha! Well, make sure he never
gets to hear about that! I mean, don’t get me
wrong, the bugs are kriffing hypocrites on the
issue if you ask me. They’re more than happy to
see dozens of drones squandered in their own
games, but if he knew what happened with Sivor,
it’d be all over for the deal. Hah, putting a techgeek
in the ring against you! What a way to go.”


Angu Drombb Communications

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